Locks Heath

During the late 19th and early 20th century’s Locks Heath was primarily known for its strawberry fields. This industry grew due to a number of factors such as a relatively mild climate, especially for early cropping plants, good soil and the 1886 Enclosures Act that allowed common land to be divided in to small plots and gave the plot owners a quick financial return due to being able competitively compete with other farmers in the country. They would use Swanwick station to distribute their produce freshly to other parts of the UK. Strawberries are still grown in the area, due to new European regulations introduced in strawberry farming for retailers, requirements have made it more difficult for the area to compete with other countries. The local industry hit its peak in the late 1920’s.

Development of land from the 1930s through to the current day have seen a number of small housing estates appear, this hit its peak period in the 1980’s, where also the Lockswood Centre was built, in March 2014 Waitrose took over from the Co-Op supermarket and many feel that this has added value to their homes and the local area.

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