The area of Warsash used to consist of a number of villages; these included Hook, Newtown, Chilling and Warsash itself. Hook was a dockyard, where the old man-of-war ships were built, although after the 100 Years War this industry declined in the area and fishing and smuggling were the main sources of income in Chilling and Warsash, and Newtown had Salterns (Salt making facilities).

At the latter part of the 18th century the land around Hook was bought by the Hornby family and this then became known as it is today as the Hook estate.

George Parsons was a shipbuilder who initially had a lease in Bursledon, however this expired and he moved his business to Shore Road, from here he built several was ships in the 1800s with his son John Parsons and Grandson John Rubie.

Shipbuilding then started to expand in Hamble; Warsash primarily continued with the salt production. Where Warsash maritime college is now located, a chemical works that produced charcoal and chemicals from burning wood, together with brick making and iron smelting was situated. Fishing continued for a number of years and Warsash sailing club still has as its logo a lobster as lobsters and oysters were once upon in time in abundance on the Hamble River.

By the late 19th century, the demand for shipbuilding decreased for the Royal Navy, mainly due to the possibility of war with the French and Spanish diminishing. The area that then became known as Hook with Warsash had become popular with agriculture and in particular strawberry and corn farming, more houses were built and the river became more popular with marine leisure, something that continues to this day.

In 1944 the Allied forces gathered and departed for the D Day landings; there is a monument to remember all those that left our shores and a plaque on the wall of the Rising Sun public house to commemorate in particular the commandos who had many casualties being primarily the first to land and take the brunt of the German defences. One of the directors of Bramble's own uncle departed with the 47th Commando division for Sword beach; despite being captured and escaping, he unlike many other of his comrades and friends survived; we have a photo of Uncle Bert in our Warsash office in his memory.

In the heart of Warsash village you have the clock tower that was built in 1900, this used to be a water tower and in more recent times has been converted to an apartment. Warsash Maritime College is renowned around the world for its courses for the merchant navy; this covers all areas of training and qualification from supplying crew and officers for oil rigs, super tankers, support, freight and cargo ships, the cruise line industry and now for the very wealthy, crew the superyacht industry.

Warsash has many walks and cycle routes that can take you to Southampton water and then all the way along the Solent; you can also do a complete loop around the Hamble River and use the Pink Ferry that links the Hamble and Warsash to complete this circuit. There are a number of very popular public houses including The Rising Sun, The Ferryman, The Silver Fern and The Jolly Farmer.

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