Communication is key!

Selling and buying a home is a simple process. It just requires consideration and honesty from all involved and acknowledgement that all parties may have different goals!

Buying or selling a house has the reputation for being up there with some of the most stressful experiences in life. We can see why this is the case because there are so many factors and individuals involved. However, as we’ve experienced time and time again, it needn’t be this way. At Brambles, we always tell our vendors and buyers that the key is transparent communication. We are there to help by guiding the process using our many years of experience. Trust is key. Our priority is always to have an open and honest dialogue with all individuals in the chain. We are there to help and pave the way for a smooth moving process.

Moving home needn’t be stressful!

Selling and buying a home is a simple process. It just requires consideration and honesty from all involved and acknowledgement that all parties may have different goals from a timing perspective. Before even considering a move, it is key to have finances in place. A sense of urgency but also thoroughness is required when completing property information forms. Everything you know about the house should be disclosed here. Including attaching any guarantees/certificates/warranties/indemnities for work carried out such as extensions, replacement windows or electrical/gas work. Lack of disclosure here can lead to lengthy delays in the chain.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!!

We can’t emphasise it enough keeping us, the Estate Agent, in the loop is essential to keep the chain moving. Anything that is communicated to your solicitor should also be communicated to us, for example, suggested completion dates and any issues arising from surveys. We can give the other agents in the chain a quick call to discuss plans or issues, often ironing anything out quickly and efficiently by a dialogue between agents.

Follow our tips for a smooth move!

Get your finances in order. Do you have a mortgage in principle in place? Are your funds readily available or do they require notice to be withdrawn from savings or investments?

Use a solicitor recommended by your agent! We work with solicitors day in, day out. We know who does a great job and is efficient.

Be flexible. It’s great to have a rough completion date in mind but be aware that many factors and individuals are involved. Things do sometimes crop up that cause delays.

Time is of the essence. Keeping the chain moving relies upon the individuals involved being timely in replies to paperwork, enquiries, availability for surveys or payments (e.g. solicitor payment on account).

Finally… prepare your property for sale. Take a look at our previous blog where we give you some top tips for dressing your home in advance of a sale. A well-presented home will catch the eye of a potential buyer! It is worth starting decluttering in advance of putting your property on the market, it makes the process so much easier.

If you have any questions about selling your property, please give us a call. We’ve helped many people through selling and buying their dream home over the years, with consistently amazing and complimentary feedback about our experienced team. Call to speak to the sales team on either 01489 581452 or 02380 408200.

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